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Friday, May 19, 2006

The Lieutenant of Inishmore

I endured this new Martin McDonagh play on Wed evening. It could be described as brilliant, and once in a while it is actually as funny as the audience has convinced themselves it is throughout. I believe its brilliance is shallow, however, and very, very obvious. And I dearly wished I was elsewhere doing something more enjoyable. At least we paid less than $50 for our torture, a bargain on Broadway.

I have seen several of MM's works now. I'm not sure what I think. Is he really gifted, or merely very clever? Is his fierce approach that of a major artist, or is it just an unpleasant attitude? In other words, is he a Quentin Tarantino or only a Lars von Trier?

Maybe when he starts doing feature films I'll be able to decide.


Blogger Human said...

Thanks for visiting Handguy. And thanks for correcting me.

I used to live in L.A. and went to a few small plays. The only one I remember was called American Gothic.
The place seated about a hundred. Just the way I like to see a play.

After watching the revival of the King and I(with the man himself Yul Brenner at the Pantages)in L.A. I learned to like some musicals.
In case you missed it, the King and I was a fantastic show. Tickets were about $20.00. We took three buses to and fro in som rough neighborhoods.
It was worth it. Ever see the anti-smoking ad Brenner did, that was released after his death?

Thanks again.


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